Lot 21: Java Cartagena, natural double fermentation

Why this name?:

Cartagena is a city that is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, it is also called "La Heroica". Its colorful streets full of charm make it the gateway to South America. It contemplates around it various archipelagos and islands that are paradises.

Coffee and cupping details


Fermentation: The whole cherries are fermented for 20 hours in open tanks. Once this first stage is finished the batch is moved to barrels in where the cherries go through a second fermention for 72 hours in anaerobic form.

Drying Method: Java is one of the cultivars that really creates more complex flavors with the more hours the batch last drying. That's why this lot was dry only in the parabolic at La Esperanza farm and took 30 days to reach the ideal moisture porcentage.

Bags: 3
Weight: 79 lbs
Score: 89.0
Cupping notes: Fragrance aroma: Rum, melon, cocoa, and brown sugar. Taste and after taste: Rum, brown sugar, red fruits, melon, malic acidity, and dense body.
Varietal: JAVA

Farm details


Farm Name: La Esperanza

District: Colombia, Valle de Cauca, Trujillo

Crop Size: 2.8 Hectares

Farm Elevation: 1430-1760MSNM
Average Rainfall: 1526MM/annual, Humidity: 80 - 85% Temperature: 15°C - 21°C

Other info

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