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26th October 2023 13:00 hrs London

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We are faithful believers that through coffee we can speak a different language. We work hard in every lot of this auction for those who dream with the perfect coffee.

For this auction, we have selected 25 top-quality coffees, all scoring 89.5+ points. Order your sample set to taste our wonderful coffee and get ready to bid! Each sample set will contain 25 coffee samples (100 grams each) from this year’s auction!

Sample SET fee: $$325 each

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We are Colombian producers of ultra speciality high altitude coffees

Our combination of curiosity, scientific rationality and obsession with coffee quality has allowed us to create unique protocols of milling for our coffees, tailored to eight distinct microclimates, which are located in three different mountain ranges in Colombia.

After many years of research in coffee varieties and protocol processes, we are now ready for our third auction. The development of specific protocols, while selecting specific varieties and crop renovations is what has allowed us to present these unique lots for auction.

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26th October 2023 13:00 hrs London

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Order your sample set

Ordering Samples allows you to taste any coffee before the auction and be ready to bid!

Each sample set contains 25 coffee samples (100 grams each) from this year’s auction!

Sample set fee: $325 each

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From great to unique coffee

Our team has been working hard to develop the best practices to select each lot to ensure that we are able to offer the right quantity and quality.

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The selection:

Over the years we have been studying our different crops to identify those that are resistant to diseases and that have special characteristics. We mark every "special" tree in our field to harvest, process, and cup them differently from the others. We select seeds from these trees, looking forward to obtaining pure varieties. From the pure lots, we found out that there where areas with a better production and score, allowing us to pick the best cherries for our auction lots.


From planting to picking:

All the lots in this auction are from the highest altitude of our farms. We also take into account the age of the trees resulting in a quality difference. During the growing season, we considered the climatic amplitude (changes from cold phase to warm phase of this season of the year). Finally, the cherries are harvested at their optimum ripeness.


In our lab:

After many years of investigation, we have identified the process type best suited to result in retaining the main notes of each coffee cultivar. We have established different fermentation processes, especially for our auction lots. Once our coffees arrive at our quality lab, it’s imperative that each profile has very complex and unique notes. Finally, to ensure the quality of each lot our Q graders did more than 4 cupping tables.

CGLE Gemstones
About the process

We have always developed our processes with an investigative approach, looking forward to results in quality, flavours, and singularity. We always start with two main questions:

What should this variety taste like?

About the process
About the process

How are we going to make
our variety unique compared to other coffee growers?

To obtain the best expression of the profile, we have standardized all of our processes:

Picking of the cherries at the correct ripe level

Fermentation process based on the Brix measurement

Stabilization at the control temperature warehouse

The most detailed mill process

Lots selection – Our team

Through teamwork, we select each of our lots. Thanks to the synergy of the team, the production, and climatic conditions, it was possible to obtain each of the lots for this auction.



Research and analyze which were the most valued profiles/varieties in the market


Quality promoters:

Guarantee the process of picking the cherries at the perfect ripe degree, in the areas of the lots with the best cupping scores.


Agronomist Engineer:

Identified the varieties and lots with the greatest potential for the auction. Also, which were the best trees in each crop, resulting in the guaranteed quantities and times according to harvest predictions.


Protocol and process:

Guided the processes to accentuate the best coffee notes according to the variety. In charge of the standardization, constant research, and innovation of process.



Our quality team makes sure to cup, verify, and profile the batches which arrive from the farm, scoring them under the SCAA format. For the auction, this process was carried out with +4 cupping tables.


We choose our most precious jewels for you!

In Colombia, we see jewelry as a luxury and that is why this year we wanted to select the most special coffees to auction them off. Each of these 25 lots is unique and shines like a gemstone.

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