Lot 13a: Laurina Tatacoa, Natural anaerobic

Why this name?:

The Tatacoa desert is a silent tropical dry forest that is located in a highly eroded area crossed by dry canyons. There you will be able to appreciate how nature has done its own thing and has formed two areas of different colors in the same place.

Coffee and cupping details


Fermentation: Cherries are fermented for 168 hours in anaerobic form. With this specific batch we took advantage on the natural resources at la Esperanza farm and used a water stream close to the dry mill and sink half of the tank in order to regulate the temperature and keep the fermentation stable on 16º - 17ºC.

Drying Method: Dehydration on mechanical dryers for 24 hours and then start a slow drying process in a parabolic for 26 days.

Bags: 1
Weight: 53 lbs
Score: 90.0
Cupping notes: Fragrance and aroma: Vanilla, cocoa, hazelnuts, plums, and aromatic. Taste and aftertaste: Plums, vanilla, grapefruit, grapes, syrup cherries, aromatic, phosphoric acidity, and silky body.
Varietal: LAURINA

Farm details


Farm Name: La Esperanza

District: Colombia, Valle de Cauca, Trujillo

Crop Size: 3 Hectares

Farm Elevation: 1430-1760MSNM
Average Rainfall: 1526MM/Annual, Humidity: 85-90%, Temperature: 15°C - 21°C

Other info

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